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"I've felt my vocal skills improve dramatically. As a guitarist/singer, I feel so much more confident performing live than I did before. Our lessons are really fun and I look forward to them every week. Would definitely recommend Bobbie as a singing teacher
for students of all ages." - Michael

'I've finally found a teacher that understands what I need to do to achieve my singing goals and can explain it to me in a way that I can comprehend and implement. Her personable approach makes it easy to sing in front of her, even if my sounds are questionable. She gives me confidence to call myself a singer when I've always hesitated to. I love singing, more-so, I love singing with Bobbie-Jean.' - John Marc


I've worked as a private singing teacher for over 7 year, teaching people of all ages. With a BA (Music Theatre) and experience teaching HSC and AMEB exam students, I aim to create a safe and fun environment where students can make mistakes and grow. I focus on creating a foundation of healthy technique, confidence building and musical expression. I particularly enjoy working with actors empowering them as singers by integrating storytelling with technique.

No matter what level we start at I love helping my students achieve

their goals.

Currently teaching in Melbourne for 30 & 60 minute lessons. Drop me

an email at to find out more.

"Bobbie-Jean is a wonderful, patient teacher who not only made singing fun, but tailored her teaching to suit me and my comfort zone. I found her incredibly understanding and willing to take the time to answer my questions, she would also find different ways to

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help me and my specific weaknesses to enable me to open up more.
I always felt comfortable
in lessons even when meeting different challenges. I now find singing such a wonderful and fun activity and am enjoying my journey and growth immensely. I also have even more fun at Karaoke! So if you are a beginner or a shyer student who is hesitating and not sure, definitely give her a try, it might surprise you how much fun singing can be, especially with the right teacher." - Jenny

'We were delighted to have the luminous and talented Bobbie-Jean teach our daughters (5 and 3). We went out of our way to find a teacher who was fun and flexible and we were not disappointed by Bobbie-Jean who was all that as well as being extremely joyous in her approach and patient with our slightly wild children! More than that we were delighted to discover Bobbie-Jean was also a very rigorous and serious teacher." - Laura (Mother to Bea and Cressida)

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