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'Henning's direction ensures that we are amused, intrigued and challenged for the 70-minute duration, delivering theatre that keeps open our eyes, ears and hearts, to receive its important message.'                                                                                              ★★★ - Suzy Go See

'she commands the room with her infectious energy. brilliant, intelligent and commanding.'                              – TAGG  

'Henning is a master storyteller, with an astonishing voice. If this is her debut production, then she is definitely a future star to keep both eyes on.'                                ★★★★★ – Scenstr  


'Henning’s direction truly allowed the show to flourish to its full potential.'   
          ★★★★★  - The Young Syd Review

   My name is
BOBBIE-Jean henning.

I'm a performer,
writer & director.

i work with focus & dedication, balanced with humour & play.
I LET my instincts LEAD & aim to leave audiences with a sense of hope.

I LOVE COLLABORATION & empowering those I work with.
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