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images by @alittlebitsnappy

   My name is Bobbie-Jean henning.

I'm a performer, writer and director.
i work with focus and dedication balanced with humour and play.

I want to leave audiences with a sense of hope, and aim to support and empower those I work with.

i follow my instincts,  make every little detail count
and love Creative collaboration.

'...vocal prowess only matched by the way in which she commands the room with her infectious energy... brilliant, intelligent and commanding."   – TAGG

'Ms Henning and Lynch are especially convincing and ultimately moving'

                                                  – Kevin Jackson

'Henning is a master storyteller, with an astonishing voice. If this is her debut production, then she is definitely a future star to keep both eyes on. ★★★★★'   – Scenstr

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